A Review on Poly herbal Formulations as Medicine: A Global Perspective

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Nargish Jahan, Diksha Singh


Medicinal and therapeutic effect of herbal-herbal formulation i.e. Polyherbal formulation has been widely applied in the treatment of various diseases in all over world due to its potential benefit along with easily availability and it neutrality. Herb-herb combination is known as polyherbal preparations for medicinal purpose. This review article overviews the commercial and non-commercial polyherbal formulation’s properties. Author had focused on last five-year research studies of different countries in which India was found higher number of research studies on polyherbal products which followed by Bangladesh, South Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria. This article explored scientific contribution of many other countries in formulation of polyherbal products which will make an impact on development of poly herbal preparation in management of various chronic diseases. In addition, it reviewed a list of research studies on polyherbal preparations in the management of different diseases along with pharmacological activities. Most of the polyherbal formulations found to be active as antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-anxiety and hepatoprotectives.

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