Social Media Usage (Smu), Loneliness and Social Isolation: A Relational Study of University Students

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Saeed Ahmad, Dr. Shahzad Farid, Dr. Fakhara Shahid, Sharjeel Ahmed


As social media sites are constantly growing, we believe that technology is an important component of today's student life, where social media have many positive effects there are some negative impact such as increasingloneliness and social alienation among youth.The respondents in this exploratory research were chosen at random (N=100, males=51 and females=49) who are enrolled incollege(s) anduniversity of district Okara.This study revealed that social isolation and loneliness are significantly different across the use of social media. This study found that youth involved in extreme use of social media are suffering from loneliness and social isolation. The study suggests that youth should be decreasing the use time ofsocial media on daily basses

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