The Effects of Feeding of Milk Protein Concentrate on Productivity and Meat Quality in Broiler Chickens

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Noorullah Ahmadzai, Zabihullah Fasehi, Emal Habibi, M. Ibrahim Qasimi


This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of milk protein concentrate (MPC) on the broiler chicken performance and meat quality. Two experiments were conducted to this study. In the first study 250 1-day old broiler chicks (VINITIP-1 cross bred) were assigned into 5 groups (control, 5% Fishmeal, 1% MPC, 3% MPC and 5% MPC) and placed in the separated cages for 7th weeks. By daily monitoring of the chickens and their feed intake and weighing of individual birds at the ages of 4th and 7th weeks of age, animal viability, feed efficiency, body weight (BW) and weight gain were evaluated. In the second experiment, 200 1-day old chicks were assigned into four groups (control, 5% fishmeal, 1% MPC and 3% MPC) and placed into the separated cages for 8 weeks. In order to we could not significantly found difference between the groups were fed 3% and 5% MPC, thus we eliminated the group was supplemented 5% MPC in this experiment. At the end of this experiment 5 chickens from each groups were slaughtered for meat quantitative and qualitative analysis of breast and drumstick meat. The current studies revealed that 3% MPC significantly improved the animal performance, viability, live weight and meat quality. Increment of MPC had no beneficial impacts on the chicken meat quality and their performances. In conclusion, MPC as a byproducts of milk processing is a good alternative source of protein in the chicken diet that can improve their body weights and the carcasses quality.

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