A Study on Organizational Climate in High Schools in Selected Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu

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Mr. M. Thavasi, Dr. P. C. Naga Subramani


In context of schools, organizational climate is the view point of teachers about the working atmosphere of the schools and its features and it is affected by informal and formal arrangements, personalities of teachers and headmasters and leadership. The results elucidate that significant difference is there amongst profile of high school teachers and organizational climate in high schools excluding age group and education of high school teachers. The organizational climate in high schools is positively, significantly and moderately related with problem solving ability of high school teachers. Hence, high school teachers should accomplish their work with pleasure and vigour and they must show sprit their teaching. High school teachers should be provided with all facilities in high schools and they must be interactive and cooperative with their colleagues and headmasters. Headmasters of high school teachers should assist in improving subject matter among high school teachers and they must help to solve their problems.

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