Doctorate Research Scholars’ Perceptions about Research Supervision and their Academic Satisfaction

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Zahida Javed, Muhammad Faisal Farid


This study was about the doctoral research scholars’ perceptions about research supervision and their academic satisfaction. The main objectives were to examine the perceptions of research scholars about supervisory practices used by the research supervisors and their gender wise comparison of academic satisfaction. All the research scholars who enrolled at doctorate level were the participants of the study. Seven hundred research scholars were approached randomly for data collection. The self-developed questionnaire, Doctoral Students’ Satisfaction and Research Skills Survey (DSSRSS) was used for data collection. The descriptive and inferential tests were applied. The result showed that research scholars were dissatisfied with the research supervision of their research supervisors. Gender wise comparison showed that female scholars were highly dissatisfied than male research scholars with respect to research supervision and research expertise of supervisors. The process of research supervision may be facilitated to get better results and higher academic satisfaction by the researchers.

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