Development And Validation of Stability Indicating Assay Method for Simultaneous Determination of Ranitidine and Dicyclomine in Combined Dosage Form

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Nalanda T Rangari , Jyoti Kadam, Vishal S More , Tukaram M. Kalyankar, Pawar A. A, Anitha Kowthalam


The present research work is focussed on the development of FT-IR Spectrophotometric method for estimation and validation of ranitidine (RANI) and dicyclomine (DICY). It is simple, fast, accurate, cost efficient and reproducible Spectrophotometric method, developed for the estimation of RANI and DICY. The wave numbers selected were in range of 1361 cm-1(Nitro) for RANI and 1716 cm-1 (Ester) for DICY. The linearity for these drug at the selected wave numbers lies between 3-18 ( % w/w) for RANI and 0.2-1.2 ( % w/w) for DICY respectively, with correlation coefficient of 0.998 for RANI and 0.998 for DICY. The accuracy and precision of the method were determined and validated according to ICH guidelines. The method has good reproducibility with % RSD less than two. Thus proposed method can be successfully applied for RANI and DICY in routine analysis work.

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