Does Physical Education Effects Students' Learning, Motivation and School Effectiveness in Secondary Schools in Mardan District?

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Niaz Ali, Muhammad Niqab, Abdur Rashid, Aftab ur Rahman, Ghulam Muhammad, Mubarak Shah


This study aimed to investigate the effects of motivation and motivational environment on the study's outcome. Physical education has been given a high level of significance and utility. A total of 1000 students of SSC level (500 boys & 500 girls) were included in the study from the secondary school schools of Mardan District. The age range was between 14 and 18 with the median age of 16.51, in which for males the median age was noted as 16.37 and while for girls it was 16.25. The researchers utilized a questionnaire that consisted of the Importance of Physical Education (IPE) Scale, Sports Motivation Scale (SMS), Learning and Performance Orientations in Physical Education Classes Questionnaire (LAPOPECQ), and School Effectiveness Scale. To analyze the data, Multiple Regression was used with the help of  SPSS-26. The findings of this study demonstrate the significance of intrinsic drive for both boys and girls as a motivator towards the study's outcome. Higher importance and utility are attributed to physical education, whereas a wider variety of factors impact physical education Girls are more susceptible to this impact. It was suggested that sports and might give importance through physical education in these secondary schools for more excellent studies outcome.

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