Contemporary Study of Legal Regulation in the Perspective of Sociological Jurisprudence to Enabling and Encouraging Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Evidence in Indonesia

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Dr. Adnan Hamid


This study aims to investigate and examine legal regulations in the perspective of sociological jurisprudence in Indonesia related to the entrepreneurship sector. The research method used is normative law, and data collection techniques are carried out through literature studies, primary, secondary, and tertiary legal materials from scientific contributions published in research academic databases. While the data analysis used in this study is a descriptive qualitative analysis. The findings of this research are that the various existing laws and regulations and their derivatives are currently considered unable to encourage a conducive entrepreneurship sector in Indonesia. It is hoped that this study will be of interest to the government together with the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and other stakeholders to immediately plan, compile, stipulate, ratify, and implement legal regulations that are in accordance with public needs, and involve universities as agents of change in terms of the availability of human resources. . In the end, this scientific contribution concludes that the importance of legal regulation in the perspective of sociological jurisprudence to to enabling and encouraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia.

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