An investigation of Symbols Representing Underlying Themes in the Movie “MOANA”: A Semiotic Analysis

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Mohammad Awais Sohail, Anila Iftikhar, Tayyba Umber


In Semiotics, cultural society and regular phenomenon are investigated as signs. The fundamental reason for semiotic analysis is to examine, comprehend and translate signs and the co-operation of the signs and sign systems. The objective of this study is to find out the symbols in the movie “Moana” through Semiotic Analysis. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the symbols, “Ogden and Richard’s Theory of Meaning” is applied on the movie “Moana”. The whole movie revolves around the characters especially “Moana” while her feminine approach represents that all the female characters depicts positivity as all the allies of Moana are female characters while all the male characters depicts destruction as all the male characters are obstacles for her. The researchers interested in any kind of visual imagery are hence provided by a platform through which one can analyze, understand and interpret these symbols used in the movie.

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