Understanding United Nation (UNDP) Programs & Projects: (A Case Study of Rural Punjab, Pakistan)

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Hadeed Shahid Awan, Rana Danish Nisar, Taimoor Ahmad Chaudry


Half of the world's population are women and their condition is severe all over the world. The 21st century's most pressing issue is women's empowerment. The West's incredible affluence is directly related to the emancipation of its women. With enabling the other half of the people, it has been demonstrated that no nation can flourish in any industry. Many governmental and non-governmental organisations are actively addressing the topic of female equality, however the United Nations (UN) efforts stand out because its charter guarantees women's basic freedoms. The UN has organised numerous conventions, forums, and symposia on female issues over the past 20 years to spur global action. Several UN organisations are working on this subject, but the United Nations Development Program has done the most effective work in terms of empowering women (UNDP). The present study in hand shed lights the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) programs and projects in the rural Punjab in Pakistan. This is profoundly a qualitative research along with desk research using secondary data serene through published annals, libraries search contraptions and other internet springs. Mostly, the data collected were secondary data obtained from sources that are related directly to the theme of study.   

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