A Pitch is New-Fangled: Afghanistan & Regional Players Power-Ploy (A Precipitous Assessment)

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Samina Yousaf Abbasi, Ali Abbas, Rana Danish Nisar


The aim of the paper to present current Afghanistan's economic instability and security issues. The country is facing a severe economic and political crisis after the withdrawal of U.S. forces. International accountability is shifting to the recently established Taliban regime as they pledge to start rebuilding the country after 20 years of destruction by foreign troops. The article elaborates on how regional players are engaged with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is facing many challenges and difficulties in the reconstruction process. The regional players arranged the 'Troika Plus' with representatives of Moscow, Beijing and the New York to discuss the Afghan crisis with the aim to deal Taliban government at various levels. Both sides discussed ways to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and supported all efforts for peace, stability and building the country. The research is qualitative in nature along with descriptive, analytical and exploratory methods with focusing secondary resources.     

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