Breast Cancer Detection from Histopathological Images using Deep Learning Algorithms

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Prof O.V.P.R Sivakumar, Kurapati Kavya Reddy, Ponaganti Ashwini


In India and over the world, Cancer has become a deadly disease that is adversely affecting women from different age groups. According to a survey, one in every 30 women suffers from this deadly disease in their lifetime. This project was first thought of because of the increase in cases of breast cancer and if we can detect it at an early stage then there is an increased chance of it getting cured. This paper lays a foundation in making the detection of cancer automated from histopathological images using deep learning algorithms so that more and more people can get it diagnosed at an early stage and subsequently get cured. To enhance the capability of histopathology image classification, a powerful deep learning algorithm and a sizable, varied dataset are required. In this paper, we have proposed an automatic and precise histopathological image analytical method, to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Deep learning techniques have recently made significant strides and produced outstanding results in the fields of computer vision and image processing, which has encouraged many researchers to use this method for the categorization of histopathology images.

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