Online Education During Covid 19 Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions

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Dr. Vidushi Sharma, Amit Sharma


Higher education institutions across the country have been forced and pushed to move from offline mode of teaching to online mode of instruction during the current COVID-19 crisis globally. According to the World Health Organization, Covid-19 has been declared as pandemic which has turned to be a hazard to humankind and its affect will visible for all times to come.  This has made it compulsory for teachers and instructors to shift from in-class to online teaching pattern. The present situation has made it obligatory for the teachers to become more flexible and innovative in their pedagogical techniques. The traditional and old- styled methods are no longer in vogue and cannot assure successful and effective teaching learning process. To be impactful and impressive in teaching online, there are several required components since teaching online has brought about many issues and challenges in the present scenario.

Besides reviewing some of the issues and   challenges, this paper will also discuss solutions to beat difficulties faced by teachers during online teaching.


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