Vietnam’s Foreign Activities in the Current Period: Situation, Difficulties and Recommendations for Solutions

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Vu Hong Van


Implement the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation, and development; With the multilateralization and diversification of international relations, Vietnam is increasingly actively and proactively integrating into the world with its increasing position and role in the region and in the world. Vietnam’s foreign policy, implemented over the past time, has made an important contribution to maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, creating favorable conditions for the development of the country, and actively contributing to the construction of the country. and firmly defend the Fatherland, enhance the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena. The process of planning and implementing foreign policy is a complicated process, in which it is necessary to consider the combination of factors affecting both inside and outside, especially in the context of Vietnam’s deeper integration regionally and globally. This study focuses on analyzing the current situation of Vietnam’s foreign policy in recent years, its achievements, and some difficulties, thereby proposing solutions to improve Vietnam’s foreign policy in the next time.

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