Job Satisfaction among Academics in Higher Education: A Systematic Review

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Pratish Mohan , Mohd. Fauzi Kamarudin


Globalization, digital technology, and ongoing demand and rivalry from other industries create significant higher education changes. Academics are particularly affected since they are compelled to compete and succeed, which negatively influences work satisfaction. According to recent surveys, job satisfaction is lacking owing to workload and academic independence. Hence, there is a need to analyze the framework of job satisfaction of academics. There is also a lack of conceptual frameworks defining job satisfaction among academics, particularly in higher education. This article examines the existing literature on the conceptual frameworks for defining job satisfaction among academics in higher education. A systematic review of Scopus and Web of Science databases turned up 28 studies that are linked. A closer examination revealed three main themes and 20 variables of job satisfaction. The contribution of the current study may be valuable to stakeholders in higher education institutions.


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