The Application of GIS Technology in the Management and Development of Ho Chi Minh City

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Huynh Tan Hoi


Because of the fact that the population is constantly increasing year by year in Ho Chi Minh City, the population data management, technical infrastructure as well as urban planning and development are facing many difficult challenges due to the lack of technology, human resources, methods which are too outdated with paper documents or software that are no longer suitable. Around the world, in major developed countries, the application of GIS technology has gradually become an indispensable trend in the management, planning and development of urban areas into smart, modern cities because of its outstanding advantages compared to the previous methods. This article examines common features of the GIS information system, thereby proposing practical applications of this technology to assist in the management, planning and development of Ho Chi Minh City, take another leap to reach the finish line to become the smartest and most modern city in Vietnam in the near future.

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