Restoration Of Confucianism And The Phenomenon Of Three Religions Of The Homeland Under The Nguyen Dynasty

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Vu Hong Van


The three religions of the homeland are three religions, including Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, merging into one. This phenomenon is common in some East Asian countries, typically China and Vietnam. Historically, Confucianism had a far-reaching influence, from the intellectual class, the aristocracy, to all people. Because it governs almost all normal social relationships, over a very long period of time. Along with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism had certain positions in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people and in the method of country rule of the feudal dynasties of Vietnam. Under the Nguyen Dynasty (starting in 1802), after a period of decline under the Le Mat dynasty, Confucianism gradually restored and maintained a unique position; However, Buddhism and Confucianism still have a certain place in society. This study focuses on analyzing the conditions for the Nguyen dynasty to make Confucianism become the unique ideology in the early nineteenth century; the recovery of Confucianism and the development of Buddhism and Taoism. On that basis, there are basic assessments of the phenomenon of three religions of the homeland of the Nguyen Dynasty.

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