An Analysis and Efficient Approach to Protect CR Networks

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Dr. V. Rajmohan, Dr. T.Kavitha, Mr.V.Beslin Geo, Dr. V. R.Prakash


While launching wireless services the primary problem being encountered is Spectrum Scarcity problem. To rectify this problem Cognitive Radio (CR) network is used as a emerging and promising technology. To setup secured connection between the users of the network, CR network dynamically allocates free spectrum. The spectrum sensing performance is influenced by a threat which is known as Primary user emulation attack (PUEA). It reduces the spectrum access probability in the network. In out work, an approach is proposed to prevent this attack using Area Correlation based Localization Technique (ACLT). Malicious PUEA is effectively identified in this proposed method. The proposed approach provides a complete resist to the PUEA in the network and thereby averts the user from establishing any further communication. The proposed approach provides a considerable improvement in the overall network performance and spectrum utilization in a CR radio network.  

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