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Mr .R. Sathya Vignesh, Mr .Ritheesh R, Mr .RaghulKanna V, Mr .Manjunath S, Ms.J.Yogapriya


Augmented Reality has brought significant contributions to the field of Education. This paper presents an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices that complements and supports learning of geometric figures.The lack of understanding through theory reading is the major issue for more students to hate studying. For many people reading books and learning in a theoretical manner is a difficult and frustrating experience they justifiably want to avoid. So here come’s our solution SMART BOOK, where it combines the theoretical book with augmented holograms from which students can study by seeing real time holograms of interesting videos through that book just by clicking a button image in a book. It combines both theoretical and real time learning experience. For example if our book contains a page with universal solar system image, below it also contains a button image which if a student presses that button image on our book it will show the whole solar system model appearing and starts revolving around on top of the book like a hologram. So with that the student can see how it actually looks in real life. We are going to draw and create a handwritten book for our prototype and make that book as a SMART BOOK. For example to learn a crow fox story book initially the outline of the story is written on the paper and below a button can be drawn (everything will contain within a single page of a book). And using augmented reality it could make that button drawing as a touch tracker image, where by touching the button virtually it will play the video of crow fox story as a computer generated 3D video above your smart book like hologram. It can be experience this either by using  Mobile Phone / Hololens etc.


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