Augmenting Inter-Personal Skills in ELT Classrooms Using Digital Tools

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Dr.V. Vijayalakshmi , Dr.S. Patchainayagi , Dr.S. Rajkumar , Abebe Tilahun


Interpersonal communication skills are considered desirable for developing other vital social skills or people skills, soft skills, or transferable skills. An individual who has good interpersonal communication skills communicates well and can be ready to solve crucial problems in his/her private and professional lives. Interpersonal skill is an exchange of data between two or more people and how well a message is delivered using non-verbal messages like voice, facial expressions, gestures and visual communication. On the other hand, interpersonal skills are required for successful communication between a son and his father, an employer and an employee, between sisters, teacher and a student, two lovers, two friends then on. This skill has got to be enhanced within the ELT classroom with an exquisite combination of literature and Technology. This paper aims to spot the required interpersonal communications skills needed for the workplace like verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, manners/etiquettes, assertiveness, negotiation and conflict resolution and enhance it within the ELT class classroom activity-based pedagogics. Most of the activities are framed using web tools and tested in ELT classroom, especially for MBA students. Therefore the same can be utilized for the students who are getting to be the smarter workforce of the future workplace during this competitive and Technology oriented global world market.

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