Impact Of Neuromarketing Strategies Of Frito Lays- On Women Customers

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Dr. B. Nagaraju , Gokul Narayan, Dr. Shubhra Rahul, Dr. Kavita Panwar Seth, Dr. Pooja Gupta


Neuromarketing Is An Advanced Technique Of Branding That Includes Evaluation Of Consumers’ Emotional Behavior Towards A Specific Brand Prior To Advertising Products To Them. This Study Is Aimed At Analyzing The Neuromarketing Strategies Implemented By Frito Lays To Satisfy Their Targeted Customers. Perceptions   Of Women Customers Towards The Neuromarketing Strategies Adopted By The Discussing Company Would Be Assessed By Suitable Tools. A Comparative Discussion Would Be Conducted Based On Existing Journal Articles Available In Online Resources. , Suitable Methods Selected For Conducting The Research In A Significant Manner Are Also Mentioned In This Study. Based On The Gathered Data An Appropriate Analysis Is Performed And It Is Identified That The Company Has Made A Significant Amount Of Investment In The Research And Development Section For Performing Neuromarketing Activities In A Productive Manner. It Is Recommended To Imply Cognitive Skills In The Development Of Creative Advertisements For Engaging Targeted Customers In The Existing Market, For Better Performance Of The Discussing Company. Along With That Advanced Techniques Of Neuromarketing It Is Also Suggested To Address Women Customers’ Demands Across Its Business Network.

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