Security System Using Facial Recogntion And Voice Activation Based On Iot.

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Shreya Mittal , Tarun Bharadwaj, Tyj.Naga Malleswari


Iot Encourages The Development Of Products That Automate A Variety Of Tasks. Iot Can Be Referred To As A Network Of Devices,Connected Through The Internet And Are Capable Of Executing Tasks, Without Human Involvement. When Applied In The Right Direction, Iot Enabled Devices Are Very Useful For People With Disabilities And Elderly People.The Paper Focuses On This Aspect Of Iot And Uses The Principle To Develop A Device That Will Assist Individuals With Mobility Impairment And Elderly Who Cannot Monitor Safety Of Their Homes Specially While Opening Doors To Guests. The Proposed Device Is Mainly Divided Into Hardware And Mobile Applications For Use. The Hardware Segment Includes An Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Camera,Motor,Light Bulbs And A Channel Relay. The Software Portion Consists Of The Iot And Cloud Platform And Three Apps(One Bluetooth And Two Iot) . The Main Function Of This Device Is To Detect Specific Words In A Person’s Voice And Accordingly Activate Or Deactivate The Door Or Light Bulb.Additionally For Security In The Doors There Will Be Facial Recognition That Will Take Place. The User Can Control The Devices From Anywhere And Can Constantly Monitor Using Cloud Platform. Hence The User Can Give The Voice Command Of Opening Doors Once The Face Is Recognized. Initially, This Will Be Put Into Practice Using A Light Bulb And Normal Facial Recognition. The App Will Be Developed Using Java Programming Language. The Most Distinguishing Feature Of The Application Will Be The Presence Of A Microphone Which Will Be The Means By Which Commands Are Given Utilizing Google Voice Api. The Light Bulb And The Mobile Phone Will Also Be Fitted With Bluetooth And Wifi Modules To Maximize The Speed Of Transmission. Particular Care Will Also Be Given To Noise Sensitivity And Speedy Transmission. The Proposed Device Can Also Be Customized To Include A Variety Of Appliances Such As Fans, Air Conditioners Etc. In Addition To Doors And Lockers.

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