Health Identity with Blockchain

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Prince S Thomas, Vishnu S, Anitha Thankam Alex, Rafeena R, Jomy George


Time is a precious element considering the medical field. It can be used to save a life and also misuse of time can waste a life. When a patient is brought in with an emergency casualty, every second counts. Knowing the medical history is an important task in every emergency situation. Finding and analysing the results takes a lot of crucial time. Implementing a solution to access a patient's previous medical data along with personal details will reduce the wastage of precious time. The solution we suggest is the best to provide important data about a patient in the most secure manner. Medical data are to be handled with most confidentially. Implementing this solution in blockchain technology increases the confidentiality of the data being stored. To implement at most security the data is not stored in any of the databases. Every bit of data is encrypted which can only be accessed and monitored by the patient only. At any situation when the data is required to share with authorities the patient can decide which all data to be shared. At emergency situations only a particular set of data is shared which is approved by the patient beforehand. Every data shared can be monitored by the patient and permissions can be revoked. Implementing this solution is sure to bring a great change in the medical field saving a lot of lives at the earliest without wastage of the precious time.

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