Evaluation of Nursing Work Performance of Nurses in Long-Term Care Hospitals

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Eun-Song Kim, Do-Young Lee


Background/Objectives: This study aimed to investigate nursing work performance of nurses in long-term care hospitals and to analyze the effect of the factors on nursing work performance to improve the quality.

Methods/Statistical analysis: This is a descriptive survey research. The data from nurses that have been working for more than 6 months at long-term care hospitals in G were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, Schéffe's test, Pearson's Correlation coefficients and Multiple regression with the IBM SPSS statistics 23.0 Program.

Findings: The result of this study show that nursing work performance had a statistically significant positive correlation with interpersonal relations, psychological Resilience, and job satisfaction. The result of the multiple regression analysis show that psychological resilience, job satisfaction and interpersonal relations were influencing on the nursing work performance.

Improvements/Applications: This study is to improve the nursing service of nurses in long-term care hospitals, and for effective management in terms of organization, check the relevance of interpersonal relations, psychological resilience, job satisfaction, and nursing work performance, and identify the impact on nursing work performance


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