The Relationship between Body Image and Sports Behavior: Taking the Public Sports Students of Nanchang University in Jiangxi as an Example

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Yan Xu, Kuotungshih


This research was to explore the relationship between body image and sports behavior of college students.This research conducted a questionnaire survey on a total of 240 freshmen and sophomores in physical education elective course. The research instrument uses the body image and sports behavior scale to collect data.After statistical analysis of SPSS 18.0, the results of the study were as follows: 1. College students of different genders have significant differences in body image and exercise behavior; 2. Exercise frequency, exercise time, and exercise degree have significant differences in body image; 3. Body image The appearance evaluation, body part satisfaction and sports behavior reached a significant and moderately positive correlation.The conclusion points out that strengthening college students’ awareness of good body image will enhance their participation in sports and promote good exercise habits.

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