The Impact of Critical Thinking on Postgraduate’s Creativity in China:The Mediator of Self-Efficacy

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Dahaowang, Wenchuanwu


The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of critical thinking on graduate students' creativity in the context of self-efficacy, and to explore the relationship between the three variables by questionnaire. In this study, 150 questionnaires were sent out, and 126 effective questionnaires were collected. The effective questionnaire rate was 84%. The reliability and validity of the scale are all up to the standard of academic research. SPSS 24.0 was used as the measurement tool, and the results showed that as follow. Critical thinking positively influences creativity. Critical thinking positively influences self-efficacy. Self-efficacy positively influences creativity. Self-efficacy has intermediary effect between critical thinking and creativity.

This study has a certain contribution to the academic field of research on the influence of critical thinking on creativity, and uses self-efficacy as an intermediary variable to explore the relationship between graduate students' critical thinking and creativity, and puts forward relevant suggestions for future researchers.

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