Co-operative transmission assisted Interference Alignment (IA) Technique forImproving the Performance of Small Cell HetNetUsers

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D. Prabakar, S. OudayaCoumar , P. Ramadoss


Interference Alignment (IA) in Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) is a challenging task due to the integration of diverse communicating equipments and wireless technologies. The channel access and allocation period of the communicating equipment’s vary with time and frequency domain, creating less feasibility in IA.In a heterogeneous network with interoperable features, communication in small cell is rationalized by proper interference alignment in concurrent channel access and licensed spectrum usage. In this article we introduce a co-operative transmission assisted linear interference alignment (IA) technique for improving the spectral efficiency of small cell user equipment (UE). The proposed linear optimization based IA classifies the transmitted signal with the intermediate interference receiver signals. Based on the observation, the identical signal input vectors are classified to suppress interference at the receiver end. Besides, the non-identical signal vectors are independently classified to improve the degrees of freedom (DOF) as a measure for improving spectral efficiency of the UE. The performance of the proposed IA technique is assessed using simulations and the DOF, spectral efficiency is accounted for comparison.


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