Enhancing Cloud Data Security using Multilevel Encryption Techniques

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Najd Almoysheer , Mamoona Humayun , A. A. bd El-Aziz , NZ Jhanjhi


Cloud computing is the provision of IT services over the Internet with the aim of offering faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Cloud computing security is in a continuous evolving, it is the one of the main research issues in Cloud. This paper proposes a multilevel encryption technique to secure the transaction of data in public cloud. The proposed technique model is a hybrid method that combines both the symmetric and asymmetric cryptography techniques. Our proposal uses use the Blowfish encryption to encrypt could data and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to generate and manage encryption keys. Hence, it ensures a multilevel encryption /decryption process for both the sender and the receiver. Our work ensures Cloud security, transparency and reduces the security threats. Furthermore, we aim to propose multilevel cryptographic schema based on a combination of the Blowfish encryption and Elliptic curve cryptography. Our solution combines both encryption methods: a symmetric method using Blowfish to encrypt data and an asymmetric method using ECC to manage the encryption keys. Our proposition aims to ensure the security of delivered data in public SaaS and prevent non-authorized user to have access to the sensitive information exchanged between the client and the cloud server.

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