Fabrication, Prototype, and Testing of Acetylene Generator for Low- pressure Oxy-acetylene Welding

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Vikrant Tapas, Prem Shankar Sahu ,Haldhar Ram Chandrakar


The Calcium Carbide based Low-Pressure Acetylene Generators are used extensively in India. The low-pressure Acetylene generator is used with an Industrial oxygen cylinder for oxy acetylene welding. These Calcium Carbide-based Low-Pressure Acetylene generators are manufactured by the welders or purchased from the market. In these used acetylene generators fewer safety measures are followed. They are unsafe due to their capacity, water level indication in the tank, and the bottom tank inclination. To overcome this gap in these drawbacks a prototype is developed and named as SHASHI (Stimulated Heated Acetylene Safe High Injection) is based to overcome these drawbacks. The dimension, temperature variations details are discussed in detail in this research paper. The prototype is tested for maximum 1.07 kg/cm2 and at maximum temperature 72˚C. The shared information will certainly help for the researchers, welders and other associated members to further improvement in standardization in this field.

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