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Dr. Mohammad Jabirullah Almas Khan, Mohd Zohaib Ali,Syed Sirajuddin Wajih, Mohd Azhar Hussain


Energy efficiency has become a necessity to reduce the overall energy consumption, where a lot of energy consumption can cause greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. To overcome this problem energy saving strategies can be carried with the help of occupancy changes. In this research IoT based occupancy monitoring system is proposed to control the electrical devices, which is done by detecting an occupant with the help of a RFID tag which is dedicated to the occupant with their respected needs. Here occupancy monitoring is for a private space or if a private cabin is allotted for a person. This leads to the reduction of energy by less usage of the electricals which leads to energy efficiency by the occupant. The framework is intended to detect the occupancy of a chosen region, for this we require sensors for example temperature sensor and light sensor. All the sensors information is gathered by a microprocessor and then this information is uploaded through IoT, where the needs of an occupant are monitored. Monitoring is required for paying close attention. It is a type of systematic observation of one’s activities. There were many researches before, where a sensor-based network was used for occupancy monitoring or a camera-based network. Which caused issues of accuracy and cost. Usage of camera-based network led to a privacy breach. So, to overcome this problem IoT based occupancy has come into light.  

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