Green Marketing a Journey Driven towards Sustainable Development

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Priyanka Mahanta, Dr. Amit Kumar Singh


Protecting environment has become an essential and important issue for all, as there is an increase in carbon emission and pollution of the environment. Now even the consumers are aware of the environmental issues and are trying to adopt green so that it is less harmful and help protecting the environment for its sustainability. Environment marketing lots of important elements which works towards sustainability, Green Marketing is also a part of it where it has become a important concept for sustainability towards the environment and marketers are adopting this strategy to get the market as customer’s mindset also have shifted towards ‘green’. It is a strategy where the marketers need to satisfy or fulfil the needs of the customer alongside taking care of the environmental issues.In this research paper the objective is to study the importance of green marketing for sustainability and also to study the threats towards adoption of green marketing practices. Data has been collection from various books, journals etc. This paper tries to explore the different issues related to green marketing practices and how it can be a tool towards sustainable development

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