The Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Sustainability: Mediating Role of Organizational Learning Culture

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Dr. Lara Priyadharshini S., Divya Lakshmi J.


The paper intends to examine the Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Sustainability: Mediating role of Organizational Learning Culture in context with Baron and Kenny's mediating model. The present study focuses on Knowledge Management in the organization. The model has been tested with the textile sector. Random employees working in the textile sector were contacted.  The finding indicated that there is an Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Sustainability, Mediated through the role of Organizational Learning Culture. Baron and Kenny's mediation has been used for hypothesis testing, and hierarchical regression has been used and found that there is a mediating effect of Knowledge Management. The research applies to all the employees working in the organization who wish to interpret the Impact of Knowledge Management. The managerial implications and future scope have been discussed. Training has to be provided for the employees on Knowledge management for better performance as well as to attain individual growth which paves way for the organizational sustainability. The contribution of this research includes a better understanding of different aspects of Knowledge management concerning Organizational sustainability and Organizational learning culture. 

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