Pandemic and Use of Modern Technologies in Education: Do We Otherwise Need Them?

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Dr. Mohd Ashraf Wagi


The research article sheds light on the education system of India during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the usage of modern technologies for education during the pandemic situation is another description of this research article.

Modern technologies are very helpful for the progress of the education system of India and the importance of those modern technologies in the education system is also described in this research article. The secondary data collection method has adopted by the researcher in this research article. Furthermore, secondary data collection method was helpful for gathering more knowledge about the topic. In conclusion, it can be said that modern technology is effective and impactful on education system of India. Furthermore, it is identified that modern technologies are very needful not only in the pandemic situation but also in other times. The limitations of this research article are expenses and time. If there were more time and more budget then the researcher can find out more data about the topic.

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