Competency Based Curriculum for Office Technology and Management Education in the North Western Nigerian Colleges of Education: From Office Technology and Management Lecturers and Human Resource Managers Perspective

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Muhammad Yahaya Musa, Kahirol Mohamed Salleh


Competency based curriculum (CBC) is centered towards demonstrating the ability of applying skills, attitude, knowledge, cognition and values towards achieving performance. The purpose of this study is to establish the importance of CBC activities on the performance of office work. The study was conducted in Kano State, north-western Nigeria. Qualitative method was adopted.Purposive sampling using snowball technique was adopted to select sample of the study. Four (4) experts participated in the study. Thematic data analysis was employed using Nvivo 10 to facilitate the analysis. Findings of the study revealed that, the office technology and management education (OTME) curriculum is due for review which should consist virtual competencies courses to be in line with the global new normal and COVID-19 pandemic protocols. The paper recommends that the national commission for colleges of education (NCCE) should ensure adequate funding to enable smooth implementation of recommendations made.

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