Educational Leadership: The Role Of Class Teachers

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Elia Md Zain, Nor Shadira Jamaluddin, Uvathi Mariappan, Amizah Mohamed, Husna Saaidin, Mohd Norazmi Nordin, Azrina Jonit


As We All Know, Special Education Is Always Unique In All Respects And Circumstances. This Unique Situation Requires A Different Approach In Implementing Special Education Leadership. Apart From School Leadership, Classroom Teachers Also Play An Important Role In Leading Students With Special Needs In The Classroom. This Study Was Conducted To Explore The Role Of Classroom Teachers In Leading Students With Special Needs In The Classroom To Achieve The Desired Outcomes. This Brief Study Uses A Qualitative Approach In Collecting Data. Interview Sessions Were Conducted On 10 Respondents Consisting Of Special Education Class Teachers Selected At Random. The Findings Of The Study Found That, Among The Main Roles That Need To Be Performed By Special Education Class Teachers Are As Mentors, Instructors, Facilitators, Babysitters And Entertainers. It Is Hoped That The Findings Of This Study Can Be A Basic Guide For Future Researchers In Conducting Further Research.

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