Investigating the Four Acquisition Skills in Fifth-Primary-Iraqi-Kurdistan-School Pupils in Reading from Teachers' Viewpoints

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Natiq Saeed Ghayyib


The study is an attempt to investigate the four acquisition skills in fifth-primary pupils of Iraqi Kurdistan in reading from the teachers' viewpoints.  The sample of the study selected were (12) primary schools in Sulaimaniyah province in Iraq and its suburbs as parts of Sulaimaniyah Education Directorate in terms of (6) schools for male  and (6) schools for female. Then, a questionnaire of (20) items was designed. The study aims at determining the four acquisition language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) of Iraqi Kurdistan students for the fifth-primary-school pupils in reading subject from the  teachers' viewpoint and, then, arranging the skill according to its importance. The findings of the study proves that there is an influential factor that is the Glorious Quran , as they have sort of acquaintance on the Arabic language through reading and listening to the Glorious Quran.

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