Overview on MoS2 Nanomaterials with Synthesis and Applications

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M. Subitha, B. Bindhu


Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is the one which belong to the transition metal dichalcogenide system with analogue structure and was attracted to the world because of its use in a series of applications such as energy conversion, energy storage, environmental restoration and building strong sensors. The functional properties of MoS2 and graphene include high load transport, strong wear resistance, high mechanical strength and better friction. However, in comparison with graphene, MoS2's low cost, abundance, adjustable morphology and a tunable band gap are of advantage. In this analysis we concentrated mainly on recent changes to nanostructured MoS2 materials for the specific energy and its applications. Special emphasis has been placed on their applications in colour sensitized solar cells, super-capacitors, Li-ion cell battery, production of hydrogen with several reactions, photocatalysis of organic degradation, chemical / biological sensors, and gas sensors. Also, energy and environmental applications are important for the development of nanostructured MoS2.

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