Design and Legalization of a Test to Measure the Muscular Ability of the Arm Carrying a Fencing Weapon

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Dr. Nahidah Abdulzahra Badr, Mustafa Ghasib Abdulzahra, Ruaa Salah Qaddoori


Given the importance of the movement of the arm carrying the fencing sword weapon and its basic role in performing the offensive and defensive skills, so it requires a muscular ability of the fencer to implement it during the fighting period, and it is known that the test of this ability based on its measurement on the muscle groups of the armed and unarmed arms (both arms) and if we know that the non-arm An armed arm whose primary duty is limited to the balance of the body during the fight, which is Negatively reflected on the results of the muscular ability test, and the armed arm is also not available a test to guarantee it, and from this point of view crystallized and emerged the research problem, which the researchers wanted to seek to find appropriate solutions for it through the design and legalization of the test To measure the muscular ability to perform the armed arm and to provide the most accurate information that can be used to achieve the optimum achievement in the sport o fencing. The study aimed to design and standardize a test to measure the muscular ability to extend and bend the arm carrying the fencing sword, as well as to find standard degrees and levels for the test among the research sample members. Where the descriptive approach was used, and the research community consisted of (118) advanced players, and after the results of the exploratory experiments confirmed the validity of the test, the main experiment was started to apply it. The researchers concluded that the designed and standardized test proved its validity in measuring the muscular ability to extend and flex the arm carrying the fencing weapon, and the standard scores and levels obtained from the test represent the actual level of the sample.

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