Indian Mass Media Commercialization: Determinants, Implications and Credibility

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Dr. Vinod Kumar Yadav, et al.


Indian mass media has a glorious history of its presence from the time of Indian freedom struggle against the British rule. It has a unique record of its growth and development journey in India. The fundamental objective of mass media is to inform, educate, and alert the citizens of a country, and further bridging the gap between the government and public by way of sharing their perspectives, moods and opinions with each other. People participation in governmental activity is very essential in a democratic country. Today’s mass media has moved towards the path of commercialization against its original path of serving society by way of raising the voice of public to the policymakers and politicians so as to protect their right, respect, and recognition. Under the present study, it has been attempted to expose the underlying reality and implications of the rampant commercialization of Indian mass media on its credibility.

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