The style of Hazem Al-Qarthaginy Model

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Dr. Lina Ali Al-Jarrah, Dr. Imad Abedalkareem Ababneh, Dr. Raeda Mofid Ammari


The aim of this study is to examine the heritage of the Moroccans style in the book "Minhaj Al Bulagha Wa Siraj Al Odaba" for Hazem Al-Qarthaginy (684 AH). The researchers presented the concepts of the Al-Qarthaginy style, and this matter necessitated to refer to Ibn Khaldun's definition of style, as a Moroccan critic as well as to be consulted and compared with what came by Al-Qarthaginy. Then, the researchers referred to Al-Qarthaginy’s view of the style in terms of appropriateness of style for specific purposes and the relationship of style with the elements of speech. Finally, the researchers concluded this study with a summary of its contents and the most important attained results.

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