Business Model Canvas and Feasibility Study for Commercialization of La Maria’s (Empanada with Darag Chicken Filling) Empanada

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Ma. Gerlia A. Blanza


This study provided background of production and commercialization of La Maria’s Empanada by conducting market analysis and financial analysis of the entire business venture considering the proposed investment plan for operation and management. The utmost goal of this study is to present a feasibility that proved the economic viability and commercial value of the product. To this end a comprehensive business model canvass was presented that showed the entire value of empanada with Darag Native Chicken Filling. The market analysis further validate the economic viability of the product based from high profitability and liquidity ratios of the business venture. As main output of the study, a system for making pastry was also subjected for invention application at the Intellectual property Office of the Philippines with hopes to be granted for the use in medium scale production of the product.


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