Production and Enterprise Development: Its Perspectives towards Commercialization

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Anna Liza Mendrique-Mateo, DBA,Debbie Abiog-Adriano, DBA


In partnership with the government and industry, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) could help provide access to entrepreneurial opportunities. The study evaluated the Production and Enterprise Development (PED) services' current system in one of the SUCs in the Bicol Region, Philippines. It aimed to develop a framework to help improve the system. The study adopted a descriptive – evaluative research design, employing several data gathering strategies, including a documentary survey, key informants’ interviews, structured survey questionnaires, and secondary data analysis. The study was anchored on the systems theory. Descriptive statistic with in-depth analysis was used. The results of the study were presented using the five categories adapted from the star model approaches for strategic organization. The study concluded that this particular state college has the necessary facilities, technology, entrepreneurial skills, and academic programs supporting the PED services. The study revealed two primary weaknesses for PED services as a functional unit. The framework proposed in this study focuses on laying up a clear strategic direction for PED. This strategic direction proposes a comprehensive view of the PED as a unit that works towards the holistic development of students’ knowledge, innovative skills and entrepreneurial competencies, and commercialization.

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