Investigation on mechanical properties of green fibre (flax, kenaf and sisal)/ carbon fibre – a hybrid composite

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Vasanth S, Dr. M.S. Nisha, Deepak S, Vijayasarathi M


The aviation industry plays a dominant role for the mankind in air transportation. Such industry had to deal with major factors like environmental aspects such as pollution and biodegradability. In order to fulfil the above aspects, the green fibre such as flax, sisal and kenaf is used. Though the inherent features of green fibre are considered the synthetic fibre’s role cannot be neglected. Carbon fibre is one of the synthetic fibres which has durability, high tensile strength, toughness and it can be easily manufactured. In this paperwork, the carbon fibre is combined and fabricated with the natural fibres to investigate which combination possess high tensile strength. The fabrication process involves cutting fibres with respective dimensions and place three natural fibre in between two carbon fibre by mixing spreading resin hardener on the layers. The process is done for all the three natural fibres. After the fabrication process the specimen is undergone for the investigation of mechanical properties such as tensile testing. Finally, we obtain the three types of green/ carbon fibre combination a simple hybrid composite material. As per the concern of composite materials the complete replacement of existing carbon fibre with natural fibre is not possible, nevertheless the partial replacement would assist the positive approach of environmental impacts.

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