Aesthetic Work of Visual Language Elements in Television Promotional Programs

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Abdul Karim Hessan Abed


Satellite TV channels focus to keep their progress forward by depending on the factor of high level of the viewer’s ratio. Since the emergence of the television image, the recipient began to search for its details through his senses, as it is one of the important means of communication, as it equates to many words and meanings, which effect on the public opinion through the formation of contents with social values, ideas, cultures and new behaviors.

The image has the effective ability to transfer the human thought to the audience through communicational messages in order to attract them and raise their attention as it has given a space for  the marketing ideas for the sake  to be used in various promotional TV campaigns in  that the image of television has special tools to provide the harmony with the receiver and through an artistic language which possesses the aesthetic ability via a combination  of intellectual, psychological and environmental factorsto create dazzling and thinking. This matter leads to enhance the television image with much strength, attraction, the aesthetic effect and the ability to produce realistic messages can achieve change and elevate the ideas and behavior of society, as well as create a different and interactive world through the act of exposure to the image, so that the recipient would be interested in all the angles and elements of the image.

Many   of   television programs include realistic human values which give aesthetic connotations as the functioning of the aesthetics is not limited to the technical aspects but also include a hierarchy of realistic events which contain the aesthetic shock.

Theimage has formed an important space in the various promotions campaigns through satellite channels. It is a subject deserved to pay the attention and worthy to focus on, with doing a research about. In addition to highlight the used technical language and its reflection on the aesthetics of the shape as well as the artistic vision of image processings.

The promotional campaigns makers have realized  the  importance of using the image in various aspects including the illegal immigration and electoral issues including comprehensive employment to embody the  language elements to be matched with the overall objectives of the promotional campaign and to achieve a large part of those goals due to the possession of the driving mechanics for the scenes of  events which give the recipient the dazzling act and the ability to build a realistic world by employing it in the right time and the right place of the events .  This matter constitutes an important dimension in the marketing of ideas and activated it within the promotional campaigns which are embodied a physical reality in terms of the fact that television is regarded the most mass medium, which requires illuminating on the promotional activities with the aim of finding the mechanism of the employment level of structural elements of language and their compatibility with the set targets of campaigns promotional.

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