Procurator’s Litigation in Cases of Human Trafficking in Accordance with the Law of Vietnam

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Dr. Mai Dac Bien , Mai Thu Hằng


The crime of human trafficking is defined in the Vietnam Penal Code as a crime with extreme danger to society, including: Trafficking in people (Article 150 of the Penal Code); Crime of trafficking in people under 16 years old[1] (Article 151 of the Penal Code); Crime of trading, appropriating human tissues or organs (Article 154 of the Penal Code). Procurators exercise prosecution rights and administer judicial activities in human trafficking cases, including litigation at court to ensure the prosecution and accusation of correct people and correct crimes in accordance with the law. The article presents the Procurator's litigation at the trial in human trafficking cases and specific litigation situations in order to improve the Procurator's awareness and skills.



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