Motorcycles and Passenger Cars Behavior at Unsignalized Intersection in Malaysia Rural Roadways

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Fajaruddin Mustakim, Azlan Abdul Aziz , Motohiro Fujita, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad


Right turn vehicles namely car passenger and motorcycle have been identify causing the risky vehicle maneuverer and attributes which significantly result to road crash and effect to slightly and serious injuries at intersection (unsignalized T-junctions). This paper concentrates on the conflict analysis and gap acceptance of right-turning vehicles (RTV) at three-leg unsignalized intersections on Malaysia Federal Route. The selected intersections were located in Road Sections (RS) 2, 9, and 10. The analysis of gap acceptance behavior models for passenger car, motorcycle and single rider were developed using logistic regression. In relation to the analysis of gap acceptances, we used five gap patterns to consider all the possible gap patterns for RTV from minor to major roads at unsignalized T-junctions. Gap pattern analysis have been carried out for each types of gap and found that gap pattern 3 was a vulnerable gap pattern. Based on this finding, this research further examines the driver and rider behavior of gap acceptance and lane changing due to slightly and serious conflicts using the proposed gap patterns for an RTV. In addition, this paper has determined the critical gap for passenger car, motorcycle and single rider by using Raff method and Logit method. Both methods give a close result for critical gap. Furthermore, this research found that the second vehicle attributes, namely, the vehicle passing the RTV occurrence a motorcyclist, passenger car, lane change due angular conflict, and lane change due nose-tail conflict influenced the RTV to accept a shorter gap. Alternatively, channelization and traffic lights possible the RTV to accept a longer gap. This study proposes to utilize average gap pattern 3 and critical gap as a tool to identifying and improvised the hazardous unsignalized intersection.

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