Role Of Organizational Public Relations In Public Image Building In Pakistani Society

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Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Manshuk Yaskindirova, Dr. Samina Sarwat, Dr. Huma Khan, Mr. Waheed Shahzad


Practice of public relations in organizational image building is becoming very demanding because of its multi-dimensional practices within this era. Active role of public relations department makes any organization popular among its clients. The theories and models of public relations can be integrated with the foundations of public relations by applying main theories and models like four models of public relations (press gentry, public information, two way asymmetric and two way symmetric models). The main objective behind this article was to understand the role of public relation image building in Pakistani society. Furthermore the basic objective behind this research was to explore the role of PR that actively it builds image of any organization in its publics and how it addresses the needs of publics and how these organizations reconsider its policies in the light of active feedback of its public relations departments. The data was collected with the help of closed ended questionnaire through survey from Coca Cola Pakistan Limited to gauge the influence of PR activities in image building of organizations efficiency. The results of this research showed wonderful impact of public relations on the image building. Finally, this research concludes that public relations played a very important role in an organization and its publics to create positive long term relation.

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