Initial Validation of Career Thought Inventory (CTI) on University Students in Malaysia

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M.I. Mahmud, A.Y. Bakar, S. Amat, N.H. Zam Hasri


This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the Career Thought Inventory (CTI) instrument among Undergraduate Students in Public Universities. The CTI test was developed based on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) theory which measures constructs of career thinking dysfunction, decision-making confusion subscales, commitment anxiety subscales and external conflicts. A total of 42 undergraduate students were involved as study subjects. Study data were analyzed using SPSS version 22 software to determine construct validity and reliability coefficient values (Cronbach’s Alpha). The results of the study found that, the validity of the CTI test construct and the decision-making confusion subscale, commitment anxiety subscale and external conflict were above values > .25. While the value of Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient is .946 and the subscale value is .623 to .874. This study, tests showed the original CTI (English version) and CTI test version of Malay has good validity and reliability. CTI test the Malay version suitable for use on university student population for the purpose of identifying the malfunction of career thinking. Recommendations and follow -up studies are also discussed.

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