Essential nutritional, psychological and physical management for boosting the immunity against COVID-19 infection

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Muhammad Irfan Bashir, Nur Hidayah Kaz Abdul Aziz, Dzul Azri Mohamed Noor, Muhammad Salman Bashir


This updated review is related to current situation of COVID-19 in this world.Loss of immunity is the main cause of this severe infection.Through this review many essential nutrition , psychological and physical activities are explained which are usefull to boost the immunity as per reported litterature.All data has been collected from latest repoted research by Web of science, Scopus ,Google scholar and Pubmed. In addition, this article expressed that all repoted. Vitamins, micronutrients, herbal extracts, psychological interventions , recommended changes in lifestyle and physical activities can boost the immunity in human and make his body powerful against COVID-19 infection.

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