Learners Perceptions On Nonverbal Communication Of The Teachers In Online Classes

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Dr. Srinivas Bandameedi


Due to the Coronavirus effect, almost all the teaching-learning activities are restricted to the online mode. Consequently, there have been doubts about the efficacy of the communication between teachers and students in online classes. The previous research works on the impact of nonverbal communication held that the proportion of nonverbal communication occupies a significant part of teaching. Therefore, the study examined the efficacy of the nonverbal communication of the teachers in online classes. The effectiveness of nonverbal communication, specifically Proxemics, Kinesics, and Vocalists or Paralanguage of the teachers was compared between the virtual and offline modes of classrooms. This study was conducted in the context of an English language classroom in India. The data was collected from the respondents who were graduate students in the social science disciplines. A survey questionnaire in the form of a Likert scale was circulated among the respondents to obtain the data. And data was analysed quantitatively with the percentages of frequencies among the options provided in the Likert scale. And based on the exploratory data analysis, the study inferred findings on the efficacy of the aforementioned nonverbal aspects in online classes.


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